Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This virtual page is that friend

So why does it seem like the only two choices are to be a working outside the home mama, with all of the possible interaction and intellectual stimulation that can provide, and a working at home mom who feels brain dead? As a rule I suppose Americans are more in the brain dead category, filling their lives with TV and trashy internet wanderings, but I yearn for something a little more to keep my mind busy. I am really, really happy when I stop and think about it (and even when I don't). I love being home with the boy, and I even take some satisfaction in getting a passable dinner ready on time for the three of us, etc. There just seems to be such a stark contrast between the two worlds of work and being home with kids. I think it's probably always been that way, but things just aren't set up in our culture for moms (or dads) to stay home with kids any more. People are just so disconnected. You can't put the baby in the stroller and walk down the street, seeing people you see every other day or so, buying necessities from people who know you and the baby... At least you can't in our town and we're in a pretty quaint little town in contrast to most, I think. I want to be able to call a neighbor, who's also a friend with kids at home, and invite the friend over for some coffee while the kids play. That happens places, I know, and that could even happen to us some time, but for now it isn't. Pathetic as it is, this virtual page is that friend. A stand-in, for sure, but probably a little more in agreement with me than a real, live person would be. If I have very strong opinions, is the page going to argue back? No... But it gives me a moment to stop the little stuff from closing in. There has to be some big stuff thrown in there to make me feel human-- to make me feel a little more like the person I really am. I like to think, I like to think about the world, and I especially like to think about the world in relation to our little guy and all he's learning about it and how I can help him and what that all entails...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Write, Mama. Write.

Okay. The chicken needs to come out of the microwave. The little guy won't take nap number two. And here I am, trying to get this done. Let's see how successful I am.