Monday, January 08, 2007

Bread disaster and sewing... success?

It was a long day in a LONG (or is that short?-- I guess I mean it was hard) weekend. For over an hour and a half last night I smelled the delicious Hawaiian Sweet Bread baking in the bread machine, and I dreamed about taking a break with a huge slice or two or three covered in butter. It was going to be so good! When it beeped I ran over and deflated right along with the bread. The whole center of the "loaf" had deflated and only the outer parts looked bready at all. I decided I could still salvage the edges and tried to get the thing out of the pan. It EXPLODED! So much for fresh-baked yummy goodness! Oh, and I braved a taste of the edge after the explosion still hoping, hoping... It was disgusting.

On the bright side I was able, thanks to the wonderful extra help from my guy with the little guy, to accomplish lots in the sewing department this weekend. After putting it off for weeks and weeks I was finally able to deliver six sweet little packages today, fulfilling the playgroup orders for splat mats. It seems to be feast or famine around here lately when it comes to having time for creativity. This was too much, with time pressure and a trickster of a machine to boot. I need more regular doses and I think it'd make for a happier mama.

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