Thursday, January 04, 2007

New year, new start?

Months pass by in the blink of an eye! I don't think I feel quite as alone and, what's the word?-- Snarky?-- as the last post reads to me now. By luck I happened upon one blog the other week and it made me think and think, and then it led me to all of these other blogs... I'll stick a bunch of them up on the sidebar eventually, but for now just wanted to note that it's a new year and I'm going in a new direction. I think I've just been stuck. I'm getting the mommy stuff down, slowly but surely, and I can run our house pretty effectively now. I need inspiration and creation. That's what came to me as I thought and thought and perused these other crafty blogs.

Originally I wanted to have this additional blog (the first, focused on our little guy, has an audience of family members and friends who adore him and news and pictures about him-- the house/me stuff isn't as interesting to any of them so, for the most part, I leave it out) to inspire me to write. I want to be more of a writer and the way to become a writer is to write. It's really the only way. It just doesn't work though, and still feels too public even if I hide this blog away in the universe of the internet. That part, then, should be an early morning (oh, dear... I'm not an "early morninger") effort. This spot, then, should help fill that other part of me that's yearning for a connection to others like me. There MUST be other moms out there, working to create happy childhoods and baked goods too, sewing away when time allows and sneaking off while the little one's engaged for two minutes to reheat some coffee. Maybe by having this here I'll feel the urge to post pictures of what I create (implying, you'll surely note, that I have to make time to create!). Maybe by having this here I'll feel more like those other moms in the other blogs I found? Maybe, maybe. The only way to know is to try.

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