Thursday, February 08, 2007

Look for spring

#5 Look for signs of spring (hope!).

Our little mini-daffodils started to come out last night and I called the boy over to take a look. He got super-excited, raced over to the door, and wanted to go out. Immediately. I couldn't figure out what he wanted or what he was thinking for the longest time but then I realized... We had been playing outside yesterday, of course, and I showed C where the tulips are just starting to poke out of the ground. We (I) talked about how they would grow and grow and grow and then, POP!-- they'll be flowers. C thought that since our flowers inside had "popped," all of the flowers outside must be popping too. He wanted to take a look!

This book is amazing! Remember those dogs? The book finally came in at the library and I dove into a cat. I now have two ears and a bottom, courtesy of the first ever two episodes of "The West Wing" from Netflix.

T says he'll have to bring the laptop home this weekend and do a little work and I thought, "Oh, sad... Oh! I'll work on splat mats. Oh, and finish Valentines. And make those purses (that fabric from a not-too-long-ago post?!). Finish the cat? Start a dog? Do the, gulp, taxes." Aaahhh... With the choking drama and this blasted head cold (and no sleep) there's been very little housework happening around here. Looks like a busy weekend.

We did work on our Valentines yesterday, and here's what just a touch of Valentine craftiness looks like after about a minute with the boy:

It's about five minutes of doing and about 45 minutes of clean-up, which is about how I remember it being (if paint was involved) with my first graders.

Speaking of craftiness, I have to remember to link to all of the amazing ideas I see out there when I see them (before I lose them)... After our next grocery trip I'm definitely going to make some of this granola (yum!) and I know I don't have a little girl to sew for but I have to try some of these dresses. I don't think I'm a tea cozy kind-of gal, but these flowers in felt make me think of my sister and I know I could make her something beautiful, inspired by this idea. Okay, see-- I've lost the link already. Where was that? I also need a new label for "When he's older" because there are so many wonderful, crafty ideas out there that would be such fun to do when the boy is a bit older. Like these crayon hearts. And I still love these tubs (it helps, probably, that I have a busy, busy boy and over 200 tubs in storage from the aforementioned first grade experience!).


Kristin said...

I just checked that book out also! I am trying to make a mouse. Not much of a knitter, so small is good.

heather said...

love how the baby wipes are close by.

Busy Bee said...

I love all of those ideas and links.
And it's so wonderful with the 'signs of spring.'

I cant wait to check out that book too and see how the knitting is going:O)

Mama said...

Heather-- A friend and I were just talking about how we can't remember how we managed before baby wipes came into our lives! We use them all the time around here... You can even do a quick dusting with them!