Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Quilts for little ones and a machine

I have a category in the shop called "Quilts for Little Ones" which has nothing in it. It's not for baby quilts but rather for baby doll quilts. This is one of my mom's ideas from years ago; she really feels like there aren't beautiful, little handcrafted doll quilts out there, that they'd be fun to make, and that people would buy them! I was talking with my grandma the other day and she sent me home with some of her baby doll quilts from childhood for inspiration (just to borrow, mind you!). Can you see the stitching in this one? I love how much care and detail goes into these, and how you can create something so satisfying and beautiful without spending months on it! I suppose I do have a bit of a, ahem, short attention span at times. Wait 'til you see tomorrow's vintage baby quilt.

Oh, and I've had these tucked away all the while as Hillary Lang over at Wee Wonderfuls (remember the bunnies?!) remembered this wall and started to make her own. Very fun!
I have to go now. I have a -gasp!- new sewing machine to go look at. Not at the store. I mean I actually have a new machine in my living room at this very moment. Amazing.

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Busy Bee said...

Those are so neat! I cant wait to see ones that you make too. How is your new sewing machine working out? I bet its amazing:O)