Thursday, March 01, 2007

The beginning...

...of a new month and the promise of spring. Yesterday it snowed though, which seems highly unusual for this time of the year in Western Washington! I kept running over to the window saying excitedly, "It's snowing! It's snowing!" The boy sort-of looked at me like, "Ummmm... Okay... So?"

Look at this beautiful quilt over at Craftopia. Oh, and this one too! This, along with the inpiration of the little quilt I showed yesterday and the new fabric that arrived with beautiful little flowers helps me to visualize exactly what I want to create; I'm ready to get down to some serious small quilt work!

My sister tried some yo-yos last night and fell in love with the process. I made one (in the creative process of whipping up the Whip Up banner) and had so much fun with it! I think you could easily become obsessed with creating yo-yo quilts, curtains, bags (I love this bag), pins, tea pot cozies, garlands, cards, flowers, and even "just" to have framed. I sound a bit like the communications director for the Yo-Yo Association.

Last night we stayed up far too late finishing our entry for the Whip Up banner competition. I love the Whip Up site and I think we captured what it feels like to me, but who knows if the people who determine such things will think it fits the best? I wish I could show you what we created, but I don't think I should yet. T would love, love, love to have the books they offered as the prize and it was so much fun to really collaborate on a project together. I love it when these opportunities for creative collaboration pop up (like that save the date card) and I think we're really good when we work together. One thing I love about T is how I can think of a crazy idea and he just goes "Okay, well... We could..." I've had this idea for a children's book I've been mulling about for a long time and I told him about it yesterday. He didn't scoff, just brainstormed and asked questions. We used a vintage button, felt, cotton fabric and these antique stamps to create our banner and button submissions (do you see the message in there?). More about these later!

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molly said...

sounds like you have a great partner! i love the last picture of the old stamps, and that first pic is beautiful too...i love twisted tree limbs, especially covered in snow.