Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring, I should be in bed (snoring?)

The rain is amazing. In the Pacific Northwest lots of people tend to dismiss things like umbrellas and raincoats; you'd just be lugging them around far too much! Today on an errand across town, however, I saw a handful of people at various points along the route in full rain gear. With a fishing pole in hand they would have looked at home in the middle of a river. Spring, PNW-style, is here.

Not far from our home though we did also see a young girl with a lemonade stand. I still can't decide if was gutsy, a little "off" or just all a sign of spring where we live.

My guys took off for the afternoon and early evening, leaving me a chance to get a little done. I listened to This American Life (you can, by the way, watch their new TV show online), baked (eating far too much cookie dough) and created a bit. I'll share some more about that tomorrow!

For now you should definitely look at the incredible photography at Bits and Pieces of a Happy Life. She sews amazing things, has four children and takes those gorgeous photos. I feel like eating more cookie dough.

Barbara Brandeburg's quilting is equally amazing.

I really enjoy this site too... She's making the banners I've been working on! They're everywhere!While T and the boy were off I spent some quiet time in the yard (in the rain, of course). The photos are from this afternoon. I looked forward to time by myself all week, and then I practically knocked the chair over in excitement when I looked up from the sewing machine and saw my guys at the front door. Time to join their slumber.