Saturday, March 31, 2007

Laying low

Yesterday was this sort of day and I want the whole weekend to be the same way. It's raining (again) and feels like we should just snuggle in bed counting ladybugs, reading the restaurant review in The New Yorker with a sax playing dude and zebra keeping a watchful eye on our relaxation. Somebody forgot to type up the memo and pass it off to the boy, however, and he woke up early, early with a ton of energy. We have friends coming over for dinner and Zoey was found in our West Wing marathon last night (the Eagle's daughter, beginning of season 5, for all of you not in our bizarre, alternate universe of Netflix-induced entertainment). There's a bit of work to do too, but it's of the fun, sewing-related variety.

Hopefully there'll be a bit of craft thrown in here next. Something to show for the rain.

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