Monday, March 19, 2007

Mama drama

T + I decided that would be a great name for a blog, if it isn't already taken (take it if it isn't!). Anyhow, yesterday was full of mama drama and I'm not very proud of it.

First off I'm thrilled beyond belief that my intro and pattern reviews are posted on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog. I'm so excited to be working with Kristin, interviewing other crafty mamas and doing just a tad more writing. It's the most wonderful opportunity and I can't believe that it's an opportunity out there for me. Amazing. So, go buy a little fabric... (come back though).

We tidied like crazy this weekend and have clean cars to prove it. The boy has a brand-new, cozy + gigantic rug in his room and he can build towers with the big blocks and abandon now (without me cringing and saying weakly-- "The floor... Oh, dear..."). I accomplished a massive Craft Tidy. I'm learning how to hide a crafty mama's junk in a 700-800 square foot house. Packaging items for the little shop are in the tall basket in the top photo (in the living room). Fabric paint, sewing machine accouterments, snaps, pins and other assorted items are in a big basket in the bedroom. Big fabric scraps are in this huge basket which normally sits right near our bed, between the bookshelf and the dresser.

Are you sensing a theme? Baskets. Yep, baskets. There's another gigantic basket on the dryer housing finished projects for the shop and for friends + family, and a basket on my dresser with thread + ribbons.

After hours of organization I finally had all of the fabric beautifully folded and placed in color- and weight-separated sections of an old organizer from my classroom days. The organizer had been a mailbox for the kids, an essential tidier for copies and for almost two years now it's been taking up too much room in storage here in the house. It wasn't ideal, but I figured it would fit in my closet and would tidy up the fabric stash in a truly presentable and "calming" fashion. (Warning: If you're sensitive you might have to avert your eyes here... Pretty soon it's going to get ugly. Even the lighting's bad.) I organized in the living room and round about midnight (yes, on a Sunday night) I asked T to help me move the whole shebang into my closet. We were one foot away and I'd just said, "Well, at least we're putting something to good use... Something we already had..." when:

It exploded.
We sort-of stood there stunned for a few seconds. It was gorgeous. If you squint your eyes just a little can you still imagine how pretty it all was?

Okay. Let's move on from that whole disaster. The entire day felt pretty much like that. I had the best of intentions and they all just fell apart at the last moment. The drama wasn't about the fabric, it was more about needing a break (I think).

Oh, the boy's climbing now. Things get quiet and I get this feeling and I run over to where he is and he's about two feet higher than he should be. Phew. Onto calmer, craftier things tomorrow.


kayla_d said...

Aah! Were you able to put it back together?
I love the basket with hardware on the dresser in your last photo. Where did you get it?
And your cherry blossom photos are gorgeous!

beki said...

Love all the baskets - I have them all over my house too. So sorry about the explosion *sigh*. I so desperately need to do some organizing at my house. My fabric stash is a MESS!!

Dacia said...

I hate it when that happens. Little explosions accumulate to make large melt downs, at least for me. Were you able to fix it, or did you just toss it?

Mama said...

The fabric was tossed everywhere and the organizer's a total loss, so I'll start over. I just threw it all in the closet and closed the door! At this point in the day the little explosions had already led to meltdowns so this one just caused us to laugh hysterically!

Oh, the basket is an antique and I think it housed a teapot. I'll have to ask my mom again!