Monday, January 29, 2007

Did you see?

Did you see the beautiful banner my amazing husband created for me? He is so darn talented, that guy, and I'm so lucky. He's just so... supportive. T not only made this banner, but he figured out how to work with Blogger so I could use it, made several others for me to use in the future, and he designed cards for me to pass out/include with shipments/etc. I'm determined to get some ink so I can get these cards DONE! Aren't you impressed with that banner?!

We were so amazingly productive this weekend which is why I'm incredibly sleepy at the moment. I have this:


and this:

up in the shop now, and I've been working on all sorts of other things to add. I just have to find a way to get people to notice my little shop (how many people think that in a given day?-- Isn't that the main problem with small businesses?!).

I've been reticent to post again because I love that little hat and didn't want it to disappear down the page. It found its little girl today, and I heard it fit quite well! I think I ought to knit something else again soon, sore hands and all. It's just so satisfying (and quiet-- the sewing machine is not a nap time or read aloud possibility). I think these little dogs are so darn cute and are way out of my skill-level. One of the comments I read in a post on the site reminded me about this book though, and I put it on reserve at the library again. You never know-- I may try something wild and learn a bit.

Okay, not only did we do all sorts of design and craftiness this weekend, but we got tons of paper for invitations (+ more) for my grandparents' upcoming 60th wedding anniversary. We hiked in the woods with the boy in his new (thrifted) pack and we went to the zoo, zoo, zoo and to both sets of grandparents' houses. We went out to breakfast. Yep, you read that right. We went out to BREAKFAST!

Hmmmm... That's why I'm tired. That's a lot! It's been sunny, sunny out and the boy wants to play with his bike every time we exit the house. I went to a class this morning and the teacher was talking about how you need to have 20 minutes of "No Fail Fun" at least three times a week with your child to build a solid repertoire. I keep thinking about how that seems like such a small amount of time, and then I've realized sitting here that it's because we are so incredibly lucky and we have so much time to incorporate lots of "no fail fun" into each and every day. I think the challenge these days for T and I is to incorporate at least that much personal no fail fun into our weeks and to find a little of that time together too, just the two of us.

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