Wednesday, January 10, 2007

In the dumps

I've been in the dumps lately and don't quite know why. The new year hasn't been a refreshing start yet, but I'm still holding out hope. Today there was snow and I love the fresh, new look it gives to everything. I knew it had snowed before even opening the curtains because it was so bright!-- Love that reflected light! Both boys (big & small) were home sick yesterday so I sort-of worked around what they needed. Both are improved today and T is back at work while the boy is back to play. We had lots of fun running around in the snow and I had this moment of thinking: Oh, my gosh. He's RUNNING. In the SNOW! The boy is getting so, so big lately and seems so old and capable. He's growing up by the minute.

So, rather than feeling like I'm accomplishing nothing I'm going to take two minutes to think about what's been done in the last few days:
1. successful 80th birthday dinner for 7
2. haircut for T
3. massive amounts of cookie dough prepared for late Christmas gift
4. dinner for the grandparents
5. six splat mats
6. TONS of fudge and caramel, finishing off another late gift
7. child's apron
8. lots of fun time with the boy

Check, check, check... Okay, so it's not so bad. I'm getting stuff done. That's just the last five days, and the thank yous will get done, etc. Maybe the whole problem is that I need to slow down?

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