Thursday, January 11, 2007


Oh the joys of having a graphic designer husband. He's much, much more than that of course, but the thrill of good design so close and so attainable is a wondrous thing! T took too much of his time last night, sick and all, to "whip out" a little shop header for the new Etsy store and I LOVE it! He's going to do cards too and with the new blog up and going it feels so full of... possibility. I can't remember how T put it last night, something about how I need a small success like that header every day, just for me. He's so right!

More snow today and the boy and I headed out for a morning walk, Radio Flyer bumping along with it's cushion of a fluffy old quilt to enhance the snuggle factor. With two pairs of pants, two coats, a heavy shirt, hat & giganto mittens I'm sure the boy was A-OK. If we lived in the mid-west I'd probably give the poor kid a heat stroke in the winter!

My goal is to do a big shop update next week and to see where we go from there. Very fun!

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