Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow day

It's been so cozy around here lately with the snow. I love snow, and when there's enough on the ground I still get this school kid thrill and think: "Snow Day!" I suppose that's because it was always so exciting as a teacher too... Of course with the boy around he and I still did the things we normally do, but snow adds a magical element all the same. We had such a good time making this snowman and C just ran around, patting snow and looking excitedly serious the whole time. When his adrenaline kicks in and he's super-excited about something he purses his lips a little and looks extra serious! He also helped me take all of the fabric out of a gigantic basket we have in the bedroom, looking for something calling out to be made into bunnies (a picture tomorrow?!).

We had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner (the boy drinking his in a sippy cup, startled each time he realized it wasn't milk) and it was perfect. In the evening T read the book I just finished and really enjoyed (Black Swan Green) and I made two little friendly bunnies while listening to podcasts. Our iPod gave us the sad Mac face and moaned until we gave up right before Christmas, so it's podcasts on the laptop from here on out. It was awfully cozy, and quiet too.

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