Thursday, January 18, 2007

Two little bunnies

Here is a bunny I made the other night.

And here is his friend:

I've become quite attached to these two and knew right away that one would have to go to the boy. They were both meant as birthday gifts but I think one will have to speed its way over to Germany to spend some time with our little cousin. That means two more must be made! What a wonderful pattern, for free no less. I thought it would take very little to turn one of these into a kitty so we'll have to see about that. While making them I looked in some of my books about pom poms (it's been so very long since I've made one!). I wasn't happy with any of the ways mentioned so I found this wonderful site and sat down to make some easy bunny tails. I then had to look up french knots...

Not only have I relearned pom poms and made some french knots, but I just learned how to hyperlink within a post as I did above. Woo hoo! Thank goodness for small victories. I've been blogging for a year with the boy's site, and never did know how to do this!

We are pom pom crazy around here lately. C's immediate reaction to pom poms in the house yesterday (pre-bunny tail) was to tuck them under his chin, run around the house, and squeal a bit!

And, as bunnies are wont to do...

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