Monday, January 22, 2007

Getting away

Yesterday I went shopping with my sister. I always say I hate to shop but I think, when it comes right down to it, I just hate to spend money. I'm so stingy (I hope not when it comes to others but definitely when it comes to spending money on myself) and I agonize over purchases before, during and after. It was fun though, and I really enjoyed hanging out with B. We hit the mall for several things but it didn't open until 11 a.m. on Sunday (go figure?) so we went to a nearby thrift store first and found so many, many wonderful things. I didn't buy them all (back to the stingy thing) but did find a great backpack for the boy (to carry him, not for him to wear!) and we've been looking for one for ages and ages. I've resolved to go back there often as it's really a thrift store with prices like a thrift store. Here where we live you can't find anything "reasonable," and most things I always see and think, "I could buy that at Target on sale for less, NEW!"

It was the longest I've been away from the boy aside from the day I had the flu. He's 15 months old, for goodness sakes, and it was so strange to be away from him. I saw babies and little boys EVERYwhere and wondered what he and T were up to. They had a great time together, of course, and C didn't seem to miss me a bit. This is how I want him to feel if I've been away. I want him to be secure in us, his mom and dad, and to not see an absence as anything to fret about. I want him to know we'll always be right back. I did also want a little hug or kiss or "Mama" too, but I got that from T and all is good.

I've been having fun with a little free-form embroidery. The bunnies (more, with cats too, on the way!) inspired me to pick up the thread and needle and it's very peaceful. T and I have been reading out loud to each other from a series of books and it's so relaxing to sit, listen, sew a bit and have some wine or tea. Maybe I'll end up putting some things in the shop, which desperately needs an update. I think it'll take a few months for me to find a niche with the shop and to know how I want to focus my making time with what I want to put out there to sell.

Isn't this little fluff of moss beautiful? It was sitting with its little hat of snow in a nook on a Japanese maple in our yard last week. I miss the snow and am dreading all of the rain again, but it was nice to take a long walk into town with T and the boy on Saturday. It was sunny and not too cold. T and I shared an Americano (a big-time treat in our budget these days) and we stopped by the toy store for a little fun for the boy. We saw lots of these little baby toys there and the prices were god-awful. I respect the process, the history, and the beautiful fabrics, but I get a little mad about the prohibitive prices on toys. I can do better for less!

Getting away, even for a few hours, made me appreciate home even more.

Now, off to playgroup!

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