Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tepid Response Factor

You know how you find someone or something that says exactly what you've been feeling/thinking (and yet you haven't been able to articulate it?). I was looking back on this post to find this beautiful, little kitchen and I reread her thoughts about the importance of homemade and the dreaded "tepid response factor." I've been mired in that lately and it felt so good to rethink it once again. Aaahhh... It is important. Yes.

Isn't that kitchen darling? At playgroup we were in a beautiful, gigantic home and the little girl has a new, amazing little kitchen with 80 million accessories. The boy found it right off the bat and never strayed too far from it for the two hours we were there. He loved it and I had a bit of "Mama guilt" when I thought about how much he loves kitchens and how teeny-tiny our house is. There's just no way. He has an amazing kitchen to play with at the Children's Museum, but he'll never have one like the one we visited yesterday. As I thought about it throughout the day though I remembered this little one and I think I'm going to do it. I'm going to make our own little darling kitchen. I have lots of duktig from my teaching days, and I'm going to design a little space to store toys inside (space saving, oh yeah!). But see, like in the last post, it's IDEA then, uh, why isn't it already done?!

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