Monday, February 12, 2007

Life is just better

Okay, they turned out a little more 80's than I originally pictured (and the zig-zag inspiration came not only from all of the little shop's splat mats but from this invite too, I'm sure!). T says that's fine though because the 80's are back, as evidenced by Wham reuniting and Prince's (he's not former any more, right?) Superbowl half-time show! The boy did the painting and coloring, and of course it's his hand. I did a similar one last year and I thought it'd be fun to include his hand every year so we can see how much he's grown. My, how he's grown!

C's art is so beautiful, and we're just barely into the scribble a bit and smash a bit of paint onto the paper phase. He looks so proud of himself whenever we do a little project and then hang it up on the art line by our front door. When his Nana and Grandpa came over one time days after he'd done some art it was the first thing he wanted to show them (at 13 months old!). Look at this wonderful idea from another Mama. Now that's one for "When he's older!"

T & I spent an inordinate amount of time this weekend making Save the Date cards, but I'm sure we'll all agree that it was worth it once the finished product is trimmed today! The poor boy had to make it through three bookstores in our quest for the right flower or tree clip art. He turns into this crazed little blur in bookstores, madly wanting to look at everything (flinging aside what doesn't interest him). It's exactly how I feel inside when I have a half hour in a great bookstore; he really is our little boy.

He's now officially a 16 month old and though the month "birthdays" don't register quite as much as when he was so new to us, it still throws me when a new month comes around. How can the boy be 16 months old already? Last week's ER visit threw me for more of a loop than I thought. I'm generally always fine in an emergency and then fall apart after (better, I suppose, than the alternative). My falling apart seems to be in little, heart-stopping, panicky aftershocks all week-- when I look at my little guy and am so full of who he is and then I remember how suddenly things got scary last week.

We saw a big billboard in our clip art quest yesterday. It showed a woman getting a massage and said, "It'll change your life." I was telling T that I would so love to get a massage some day (in my life... Chances are it could happen some day, right?) and he said, "It'll change your life." I had this moment of thinking I wasn't so sure I'd want it then. It'd have to change my life for the better, because things are pretty good around here!

Wow, do a lot of people live life listening to This American Life? I thought it was just me, but here's another crafty person's favorite. My all-time favorite radio moment is the story in Fiasco! (episode 61) about the Peter Pan play. I've listened to it over and over and I crack up every time. Hilarious.

I meant to show scone pictures but I got this far and then, suddenly, they were gone. That's how good they are, people!

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