Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Zen Woman with a million and two ideas

I'm not an 80's music freak by any means, but I just had to add this in after that last post. Now the Police are back! Crazy! These guys know how to get a little cash flow.

Aaahh, cash flow. We could use a little more of that around here. The boy and I just started a parenting class this morning; we had visited as a guest a couple of weeks ago and just loved it. I had resisted like crazy, thinking I've had enough child development coursework to last me for awhile. After hearing the instructor though, and seeing how the boy love, love, loved the experience I was sold. I think it'll make me a better parent to hear what she has to say and to mull it over through the week, to "practice," and to ask my questions in a good space... I didn't want to like it because I didn't want to figure out how to find the money to make it happen! To pay for the rest of this quarter and next I'm painting a basement. Not my basement, mind you, but a basement all the same. Time to hang out alone with a paintbrush and some tunes (or, of course, This American Life) doesn't sound too bad anyway.

Again, back to the cash. I'm trying to bring a wee bit in with the splat mats, etc., in the little shop but am frustrated with the lack of time to create and always over-anxious for things to sell! The pics are some of my lovelies from this weekend. T and I stayed up 'til 3 a.m. working on our respective projects Saturday night; it was very old-school, back in the dorms style with a little too much caffeine flowing for us "old" 30-somethings. I'm itching to finish my little project for the boy and was so excited to see this kitchen today. Isn't it beautiful? I'm so happy to see people repurposing and creating, and buying a little less in the 'plastic monstrosities for kiddos' department.

Oh, and is the project we worked together on this weekend. You can't tell in this picture (it might as well be 6 p.m. for all the light we've gotten in here today) but the paper is a beautiful shade of light green. It's perfect for a garden party, which is what this will be, and the flower is just right. It should be; as I mentioned it was hard to find! If you're ever looking for just the right flower clip art for a 60th wedding anniversary and 80th birthday bash, I'm your "man." I've got the book right here. I wish we could have screen printed like this amazing stationary (have I already linked to them?-- Sigh. They're just gorgeous...).

T keeps laughing at me because every other day or so I say something like, "We should get a letter press. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a letter press?" or "We should get a set up to do screen printing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to do screen printing?" I will say though that the other day we were heading off somewhere and I can't remember what I said but T replied with some funny comment about being married to a "Zen Woman." We paused, and then cracked up. There's no way Type-A-Me or Married-to-Ms.-Type-A T would have ever thought those words would be uttered in our relationship. This Mama business has chilled me out quite a bit, I'd say. I have better perspective when I sit down and really think about things. I'm still the crazy idea gal though and being a bit more relaxed doesn't stop me from wanting one of these.

Wait, Valentine's Day is tomorrow?! I've got work to do!

Aaahhh... I just read Alicia's post and realized T's been in the Crazy-Beth Olympics for about a decade now. I'd say he's winning all golds too.

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