Friday, February 16, 2007

So, what're you reading?

Friday's going to be SWYR day around here. I've got to encourage myself to spend a little more time with books. It gives me such pleasure and it's always the first to go (well, mopping the floor's been on the back-burner too...). Music has to be thrown in also.

I'm mid-way through this. It's very validating, I suppose. I get these guilt trips sometimes when I see the Daycare Explosion variety of plastic toy goodies a lot of kids have and then I think about our guy's little selection. This is more about what I believe.

This book has the neatest little mice in it; I've got to try them. I'm not so sure I'd want to knit at a bar, but I appreciate the sentiment.
Added: No way can I make those mice. They're HARD.

I bought this for T for Valentine's Day. Very romantic, I know. Remember how we're trying to read them all aloud as the big build-up to the last book? We're making slow but steady progress!

Am I the last person on the continental block to discover Elizabeth Mitchell? You Are My Little Bird (or is it you are my little bird, no caps?) is the sweetest little children's CD. Her Three Little Birds is beautiful and I love Peace Like a River. I want to have "peace like a river in my soul" all the time.

And, oh goodness... I want to eat just about everything in this book. I'm searching for a little mealtime inspiration and this might be the right place.

Hmmm... Not a lot of solid reading going on around here right now. These are pretty light selections. Maybe next week.

Here's a fun thing for you, courtesy of my sister. Take a look at this sewing machine commercial. Amazing! You'll want to see it again.

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Kristin said...

That video is amazing. Oh, Elizabeth Mitchell too. I have to confess to listening to it while my daughter was at preschool ;-) I am reading Bedlam by Greg Hollingshead, and I'm looking at Japanese embroidery books.