Monday, February 05, 2007

Works that need to progress

Here are some WIPs laying around the house (but really, do they count as "works in progress" if I haven't actually made progress on them?). Look at this fabric:

Oh, and this:

Can you see those little sock monkeys? The envelopes are for our Valentines (yet to be created):
Here's a new project I started while T read out loud last night. Notice the word "Beginner" in the title?!

And here, for everyone dying to see the back of T's beautiful card, is a not-so-good picture:

I tried to bring my cards and a mat to a meeting I went to on Friday and they were so incredibly rude to me. It's a meeting of a group I'm a member of, and other people have their cards out all the time. I left feeling so terrible, wanting to quit, and wanting to cry. Okay, I cried. It's a club for moms, for goodness sakes, and I thought the whole idea was to support one another.

Phew. That's out now. Looking at all of the color in those photos reminds me how much I've changed in how I view color in recent years. More on that to come as the boy needs to get up and we need to get to playgroup!

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