Sunday, February 04, 2007

February Funk-- stay away!

#1 Play outside, every day. Explore and breathe the fresh air.

Many of the blogs I like to read mentioned the "February Funk" last week. In anticipation of a long (though short) month, this mama invited everyone to join along in her effort this next week to shake up her blog and to post a picture each day... Kids or no kids, snow or no snow, the whole idea I think is to just show things you're doing to ward off a February Funk. So here's our Sunday entry, brought to you by the whole family. C & T spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend, playing away and letting me nap (warding off not only the funk but a cold too). The boy's in love with these pine cones lately, and we have to play with them every time we leave the house. I'm trying to get out every day with the boy, playing outside even when it's super-cold (that's 35 degrees around here-- I'm definitely not mid-west material). Here it's not so much the snow but rather the RAIN we are usually tormented by in February. Today was sunny once again though, and that little thrifted pack gave us an excellent walk downtown this morning, through the capitol campus.

I have lots of-- oh, they're called WIPs around the crafty blogland, right?-- works in progress sitting in piles around here. I have some really amazing fabric I'll show you tomorrow, waiting to be made into some wonderful little things. There's also tons of oilcloth in our little abode, and I need to get going on some more splat mats (the sock monkey cloth really is pretty cute).

Did you see my sister's new site? She's a talented artist and I'm so happy she's started a little blog.

I added a light bulb in our kitchen. I know. Stop the presses. Fascinating. One of the two upper bulbs had been out for a week, and I just hadn't gotten around to fixing it. It's so much BRIGHTER and it makes me so much happier when I'm doing those never-ending dishes (we are the last people in the US without both a cell phone and a dishwasher, right?). I'm making a mental list of little things I need to just do around here like this.

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