Friday, February 02, 2007

Blogland & embroidery

My goodness, was yesterday ever a big day! I suppose it mostly felt like such a long day because the boy is a bit miserable and off his game. The two of us haven't been sleeping, and Slow Mommy that I am I couldn't for the life of me figure out why my normally sweet boy was having such trouble (and screaming through the night when I'm used to his glorious, long stretches of sleep !). Aren't you wondering too? Well, TA DA!! Last night T and I found two little pointy, dagger-like new eye teeth poking through in C's mouth. They look like shells filed by a prisoner for use as weapons! They are so sharp and probably quite painful too. Poor boy.

Here's a little something making me happy lately:

It's so not perfect, with uneven stitches (a bit on purpose, I'd like to think), but it's pretty cute. I forgot how much I love to sit down and to a little free-form embroidery "art" like this. I used to do these all the time when I was little and then I'd frame them with popsicle sticks and give them as presents. My skills haven't improved much but the frame looks pretty good.

Something else making me happy was Molly's post linking to my little blog. When I was little the neighbor girl was named Molly; she was about a year older than me and she was the cool girl with the pretty blond hair and all of the answers (hmmm... makes me think of Alicia's post the other day though this was when we were about 9!). Anyhow, it was always special to me when Molly would spend time with me and give me the time of day. I got a similar little lurch of excitement (the 30's version, perhaps?) when I saw the mommycoddle post!

And then, last night when I thought I was beyond functioning, I saw Jojo's comment via email. I got an adrenaline kick and then couldn't fall asleep. I never win ANYTHING! And she will make me something? Handmade? With care? Have you seen that amazing quilt she created? See, the adrenaline is back.

Did you see on her site that this other site's author feels someone is blatantly copying? Did you go read? Strange, eh? Reading all of this started this big debate/conversation between T and I last night. I was thinking about this early this week because the name "Write, Mama. Write." was inspired by the name of another site (I emailed, checked with her-- offering to do something different-- and all was good... Phew!). When I wrote to her I said I was small potatoes but I'm also full of integrity. I suppose that's what this all boils down to. You want to assume that others will handle life with integrity and then, too often, people seem to disappoint in this arena. Wait. Maybe that's just too cynical. Think of the numbers of people who do the right thing (especially when it comes down to giving credit where credit is due in Blogland) all the time... This is why I switched the boy's big blog (one year old this week-- the blog, not the boy, but he is 15 months old!) to an invitation only blog after reading about Sally's troubles with pictures of her beautiful boys (forgive me-- I can't find the actual posts right now). And that's why I say T & C here, and why the boy will only ever been shown from the back on this site. It's public and so, to make me feel okay about it all this is how I'm doing it. One of my favorite parts of other blogs is seeing the kids, so I'm struggling with that decision. For now though this is the approach. Even from the back C's pretty darn cute, so don't count us out yet for fun kid pics! Okay, it's all too much right now. I'm off for more coffee and now look:

This beautiful sunrise (not as beautiful in my pic, but you get the idea) is outside my window. And do you see Norah perched up there on the sill? She came to me yesterday (T's early order from Christmas adding a bright spot to the day) and those little mini-daffodils and hyacinths?-- With a little moss from our mossy, mossy yard peeking at me from the top of the dirt?-- It's all very good and very happy.

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Busy Bee said...

okay. so you have inspired me. made my fisrt post today. wow!

im so excited about this whole thing.
im always checking this blog and all the other links you have to all the inspiring bloggers out there. lets keep it going:O)