Thursday, February 01, 2007

Getting orders ready

The boy and I got our orders ready to ship early this morning. A trail of bubble wrap extended through the kitchen, into the living room, around C's foot, through the hall and then back into the kitchen once again (it's a small house!). C's holding one of the packages up to his head like Carnac the Magnificent, hoping to intuit what's inside!

Speaking of magnificent, we printed a bunch of T's cards and I think I actually jumped up and down when I saw them all done in a stack!

More soon. We're off to run errands and we're working on Valentines this afternoon! Very fun. I was inspired by this post from Colorfool via Happy Things; that lucky, lucky Keely! I think C's ready for some of those pasta strings and colored rice (but not the buttons... We can't do the buttons yet!). I've got to get busy!


jojo* said...

Congrats, Beth! Your name was picked on the quilt contest. I will send you something handmade when I make something worth sending to you! hee hee. Please email me your address. joanna (at) greatturtle (dot) com

tracey said...

Those cards are adorable.