Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Guess what I've been up to? My parents gave us the last of their fall orchard apples and the house smells like yummy applesauce now. The boy continues to love applesauce mixed with cereal, banana on the side (with a pancake or some toast thrown in for good measure) each and every morning.

I'm working, working on my purses and the review too. They're looking good (and I know just who they're for already).

I found this patternless A-line skirt "pattern" and I think I should give it a shot. I'm also enjoying Jumilla Bugs (she fell in love with the smocket too!) and le train fantome (how do I include the little doohicky over the o?). One more Moore is fun and inspiring too. It looks like fall around here with all of these beautiful apples, so tomorrow I'll give you some spring.

True confessions here... Last night I got the carrots all ready to steam on the stove, turned it on and moved on to other things. I kept hearing this popping noise and finally realized that I never added the water. We had a little science-project-what'll-gas-
do-to-copper-at high-high-heats experiment going on and the boy was playing on the floor right next to the stove. I swooped him up, put him somewhere safe, ran back and tried to fix it all. It was a truly spacey move. And I've done it before. The snickerdoodles came out massively puffy last night, only to flatten to run-over pancakes. Oh, and I kept making these hugely terrible purse mistakes and thinking, geesh-- I'm going to have to mention in the review that she doesn't say to... Wait. Then I'd find where she said to whatever in the pattern in bold with a pop-out that actually bops you in the face when you get to that section. Anyhow. Spacey.


Amy said...

Don't feel bad. I actually came very close to screwing up a cake mix this weekend. Granted, I have been under the weather, but who screws up a MIX for heaven's sake? I forgot to add water, and thank goodness realized the batter was much too thick and put it back in the mixmaster to be added in. Geez! That was a close one!

tracy said...

oh those apples look so good. i am also guilty of the too little water experiment as well. (twice in one day once...) thanks for the shout out!