Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sick Spring Sew

Here are some more yo-yo's, courtesy of Whip Up. I could also spend an hour (easy) on the Craftzine blog and look at all of these good things.

I thought these swatch portraits were neat (though I have no walls for this now) and then saw them the next day over on Soule Mama's site. Man, she works fast. She did write that she has Saturdays as "work days," and I figure I could work pretty fast too if I wasn't trying to do most things after 8 p.m. Darling birds there too, don't you think? Anyhow, I'll store this in the "ideas" category for now!

I also found Creative Little Daisy and Allyson Hill recently, and I just want to sit, soak it all in, and then go create. The boy is so sick and wants to be held all the time (highly, highly unusual for this on-the-go-can't-stop-to-snuggle boy). It's his first really deep chest cough and he's miserable. We fared okay yesterday, with a mid-day walk to mail packages for the little shop, but I'm worried about another day stuck indoors. It was an incredible blue sky/birds singing/crocus blooming/elderly people working in the yard/rhody popping sort-of almost-spring day. This morning already has more light in it than all of the February days combined!

It takes me forever to make one of these baby balls, but I think it's just because I'm not good at it yet. I told T I'd have to sell them for $60 at this rate! The purses are tonight because tomorrow's the basement, once again.


beki said...

These baby balls - I'm intrigued! I see that you too are a fan of martha's dish towels. Good stuff, aren't they?

jojo* said...

Your balls are great! I've seen one in real life and couldn't figure it out.

And yeah, what I wouldn't give to have a Saturday work day. As it is I do all my stuff from 9 - 12 pm when I'm already all pooped out.