Monday, March 05, 2007

Things are looking up

I think I may just have the perfect sewing machine now. Cross your fingers! We're getting to know each other and though we did have a broken needle last night I do believe it was Martha's fault for adding in a bit too much embellishment to the towels I was sewing. On a different "crafty" note I will say that after spending Saturday in the basement I'm painting, I am not a big fan of painter's tape. Enough said.

You rolled your eyes (I know you did) when I said Beki over at Artsy-Crafty Babe is my new best internet friend of all time for offering to send me a pattern of the smocket I've mentioned about twenty times in recent weeks. Well!-- At the end of a very long week she made my week by sending not only the pattern but some lovely fabric from her stash, her little Moo card, and candies too. Did I mention fabric from her stash?! I was sitting on the couch with T, petting the fabric (we don't have a cat) and going on and on about what I should use it for. T looked at all of the projects draped all around the room and said that maybe I should wait and think about it a little. Anyhow, Beki made me feel good about people when I needed to feel good about people! Thank you, Artsy-Crafty Beki!

This weekend I did make some progress with splat mats and some new aprons for the little shop, and there are parts to balls for babies laying all around the house waiting for stuffing. The aprons are so fun and easy to make with kitchen towels and bias tape, and they look so cute on the kids! I have to get down to work now and knock out two purses. I've been so excited about making them, and nervous too because I don't want to get them wrong. Now that the new machine and I are friendly I think we might be able to take this next step in our relationship.

Really, how could this be? We have no room for any more furniture (the boy's kitchen is a stretch) but how could these cute little organizers be so cheap (via Apartment Therapy Nursery)?


kayla_d said...

You may have already mentioned it, but what kind of machine is your new one? One day...

beki said...

I'm so happy to hear that you liked your little package!