Saturday, March 03, 2007

Springtime art

We had a moment of snow again, but our ornamental cherry is about to burst. This was such a fun little project to do with the boy. He dipped his fingers in the paint, we made up a "Dot, Dot, Dot" song and then I made some "branches" with a toothpick dipped in brown. Easy, peasy, springy. I've seen similar cherry blossom projects where older children use hand prints or footprints along a long branch, or there's always the little squares of pink and white tissue paper wrapped around your finger and dipped into a bit of glue. I like the delicacy of the finger dots. Spring is in the air!

The sewing machine drama continues. At one point yesterday I had four machines. Grandma's machine is now in the capable hands of the local sewing machine repair fellow, one machine is destined for the Goodwill, the other has been returned to the store (this was the replacement for the one I initially bought that was used... It didn't work...) and one is on the desk, peeking over at me shyly, wondering if I have what it takes to try it out. There are pinned projects draped everywhere, and I'm hesitant.

Does anyone speak French? Well, French and English too? Does Marion over at Tea Time have these new little critters in a store? Are they based on books she's written? I'm in awe, and a little confused. I use an online dictionary translator to try to understand her beautiful site (and to post what I'm sure are highly confusing and entertaining comments) and I think this is what's going on!

On the mama front it was a good day for blog browsing. For some reason a theme emerged on many of my favorite sites about the humbling nature of being a mama and the challenges. The boy seems to be in a new phase lately; he's amazing, brilliant, so observant and engaging about everything around us... and he's exhausting. T works long, long hours and the boy thinks one nap a day should be just about right now. There hasn't been any recovery time built in to my weeks lately, and it's wearing on me (not enough creativity as well). I feel tired, and a bit empty. You know it's bad when the cranky lady at the cutting table almost makes you cry. It's so easy to get down on myself because being a mama is like what I loved about teaching. You never are what you will be, you always have more to learn, nothing ever stays the same for too long and your reality is inextricably linked with the joys and challenges and successes of little people. Today as I read about other mamas feeling those same joys, challenges and successes I felt a bit better. It was really important.

Oh, and these made me so happy. Did you check back in with Sew Mama Sew list of free tutorials and patterns? I, of course, didn't read the directions and listed a million things I've found that I love, but there are so many more to add to the sidebar (and project pile) now.


Artsy Momma said...

This is a brilliant idea, putting this in my bank of ideas for projects to do when Leila gets older.

Matroskin said...

What a clever idea.

I have those same feelings about motherhood.What has been a great shock for me are the certain truths you learn about youself once you have children. I've realized that I'm not so unselfish, patient and nurturing as I imagined. My 2 monkeys can really wear my patience out. If I don't get enough rest and food, I throw temper tantrums myself.