Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fabric for the huge pile of WIPs

Do you recognize this fabric? This will all be in beautiful baby balls soon. Below is some of the fabric for the boy's new kitchen accouterments. By the way, when the kitchen is done done, you're going to hear about it in a big way. I feel like it needs its own blog: Oops. That should read: theboy', right?! I painted it twice yesterday, and this morning we rearranged the boy's room for some added play space and room for culinary fun. We'll find the duktig here in a minute or two (ha!-- it's in storage... It'll take a good half hour!).

I fell in love with this little "smocket" on Alicia's site the minute I saw it, and actually begged for the pattern. I have no little girls for the smocket, but I'm making some any way. They are so darling! I followed a comment link about the smocket to Artsy-Crafty Babe which I love. Beki actually offered to send me one of her extra patterns for it and she's now my new best internet friend of all time (!). She doesn't know that, of course, but I think that's just so incredibly generous. I'm going to find a little something in the way of a "thank you" to send right back to her. I'll be smocking in no time.

I'm also enjoying Pixiegenne and Amstershiresauce lately. Lots of good, creative Mama stuff going on over there.

It's T's birthday today and there's a banner overhead and birthday dinner plans in the works. We're making a week of it with a family dinner tomorrow and a trip to Seattle for fun birthday things like new socks next weekend. In spare moments I'm itching to attack the new fabric, work on the kitchen and play with my new machine. Oh, and clean the house and cook for playgroup here on Monday! Good times.


Matroskin said...

I have made plenty of smocks and pinafores for myself! It seems they were really fashionable in the 70s, it's easy to find patterns in books from that era. They're fun and comfortable. I use vintage fabrics for them. When I'm wearing them I look like a 70s kindergarten teacher. Of course, everyone else might think I just look like one mad hatter!

Busy Bee said...

Wow! WHat beautiful fabric. Where did you find it? Happy Birthday to T! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

jojo* said...

Your fabric is gorgeous! I'm up to my ears in baby balls right now. Can't wait to see how yours turn out.

I keep meaning to email you--I know exactly what I'm going to make for you! HA! Just can't do it until the baby shower frenzy is over in a couple of weeks.

Take care!

beki said...

I see you're a fan of the MS dishtowel too. I LOVE them. Baby ball? I must have missed something.

Mama said...

matroskin- I like the 70's kindergarten teacher look!!

busybee- Martha... The fabric is courtesy of Martha!

jojo- I already forgot about my little something from you! My mind is on overload right now... I'll forget all over again so no matter when it comes it'll be a completely WONDERFUL,surprising thing!

beki- I'll add in a picture of the type of baby balls I'm making soon here... They're beautiful and really "grabby," so are good for a number of different developmental stages!

Anyone + everyone- Does the Blogger comment set-up bug you too?