Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday reads

"So, what're you reading" was just too long and now we have "Friday Reads." In a nutshell I am reading nothing. Nada. Except the boy and I have read our Mary Had a Little Lamb book about 50 times this week (and I'm just talking Tuesday on) and we're reading lots of Maisy books, Spot books, and several books with this illustrator from Barefoot Books. C really seems to love her bright pictures and I think her birds are the best. I'm not a big fan of Spot, but I don't really have a vote in the matter.

I did find this book at the library and drooled over the fabrics (not literally mind you, though the kid books we get from the library often make me worry about drool). I'd love to have this book but what would I do with it? I did a little research and found this one too. If I was Heather Bailey, with new fabric in the works, I'd so buy them. By the by, look at her studio. It's incredible and I'm not really a pink person even. I love the shelves... It does remind me of the one over at Posie.

This is a random book but in our quest for the perfect clip art a couple of weeks ago I found this fun clip art book. I didn't buy it, but I'm putting it on a Christmas list. Yep, it's February and no, I don't really have a Christmas list. Maybe if I write it down here I'll remember. I want this book and I really have no idea how I'd ever use it!

Again, very little in the way of actual reading. Wickett's Remedy is overdue now, and the Debbie Bliss books I got at the library don't really count as real reads either. Sigh.

Not a read, but you can buy this fun card and others at Stella Marrs. They also have Nikki. You know all about Nikki by now!

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marion said...

oh! my daughter loves maisy very very very very very much!
in french it's not maisy but mimi